Thursday, 23 March 2006

One Way No Way!

At an internal Reading Borough Council 360 HR meeting, someone claiming to be responsible for the PR for the IDR scheme. said:

  • "There's only been half a dozen complaints."
  • "It's gone surprisingly well."
  • "There's hardly been any bad coverage."

Perhaps this is because most people believe that the Council has made up their minds already and protesting wouldn't make any difference.

Friday, 10 March 2006

Over-Priced, Over-Hyped and Playing Here.

Now it may come as a surprise that a good number of Arsenal fans don't give a monkey's about the England team. Some of us would be quite happy if Arsenal players never pulled on another England shirt ever again. All that happens is they head off with England, come back injured and get tapped up on yachts. We can do with out that.

Wenger has bought the brightest English talent before: Jeffers (where he now) and Pennant (lucky escape) to name but two. Bentley might do well and good luck to Sidwell at Reading (who if you read the local papers has had nothing but praise for his former manager), but they wouldn't make our starting line-up. Wenger has a duty to Arsenal fans not Sven-Goran Eriksson. The rubbish argument about rubbish foreigners ruining the game is completely down to English players being given a valuation which is way above their worth. Van Persie £4m. Shaun Wright-Phillips £24m. Do the maths. English players are overvalued and over-hyped.

And the whole 'British' player debate. I could perhaps excuse the argument for English players, but there is no reason to want British and Irish players in a team for reasons other than petty xenophobia. It makes me laugh when the Irish are lumped in as British. Wake up, they are foreigners as much as any other country's players. France is considerably closer to England than Ireland or is it totally because they speak English and don't eat garlic?

And the stereotype used to support the argument about the inclusion of the British players is laughable. I can't remember anyone complaining about Vieira having the wrong atttitude. Football skill is down to individuals, not racial sterotypes. There are numerous examples of English wimps out there.

And as was commented on by Pierre Gerbeau, supposedly this is the England team decades if you believe their hype, hardly the result of a serial decline because if the influx of foreigners.

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Great to see Stockard Channing invited on to BBC Breakfast celebrate the 30th anniversary of ‘The Big Bus’ - the most underrated comedy film of all time. I’ll be setting my vid!

Okay, it was to promote something else.