Saturday, 22 April 2006

Desert Island Discs - The Singles

More postings from the All About Eve forum... what singles would you take?

By it's nature this is a list du jour.
  • AAE – Our Summer
    You can’t help but want to get up and dance to this little groover!
  • The Cure – A Forest
    Still my favourite song ever.
  • Fields of the Nephilim – Last Exit For The Lost
    Flour power.
  • Joy Division – Decades
    New Order May 1981 live is the best version with its swirling keyboards but I don’t think I should be including bootlegs.
  • The Sisters of Mercy – Marian (Version)
    Does this count as a Mission song too? ;0)
  • The Associates – Party Fears Two (12” Extended Version)
    Pure genius from the Sulkster.
  • Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – Sheriff Fatman
    They were probably too clever for their own commercial good.
  • Miquel Brown – So Many Men So Little Time (12” Extended Version)
    HiNRG is due a come back and this is one of the best.
  • Rilo Kiley – The Good That Won’t Come Out
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in song form.
  • Peter, Paul & Mary – Puff The Magic Dragon
    Still the saddest song ever written.
  • Cocteau Twins – Musette and Drums
    It's the ending that does it for me... if only this track would never finish.

Saturday, 15 April 2006

North Bank Times 1913 Edition

Home Rule
West Ham manager Syd King has hit out at Woolwich Arsenal’s selection policy in an interview in the London Illustrated News. Especially galling for the proud Englishman has been Arsenal's almost total lack of local talent. The Irons' manager told the press: "Woolwich Arsenal have a huge catchment area in South East London and the Medway area, yet only number two Invictans in their squad of 13. Not only has their manager seen fit to include several northerners, but I note that he has also chosen several foreigners as well. This is just not cricket."
Master Alfred Garnett of the Junior Irons and a leading Young Conservative agreed with his manager: "Too bloody right too. Send the Jocks and Taffs back home and keep English football for the English. You see I don't trust these men of Kent, they live too bloody close to the Frogs if you ask me."

Relocation Relocation Relocation
North London giants Clapton Orient have complained to the Football League over Woolwich Arsenal's planned relocation to North London. "This could seriously affect the future of this great club. We have spent years building up the good name of professional football in this area, and we're not prepared to see our hard work go to waste." We asked the Orient Chairman whether they and Tottenham Hotspur were prepared to take direct action to prevent Arsenal moving into their territory and we received a blunt reply: "Who the f*ck are Tottenham Hotspur?"

Clocking Off
Woolwich Arsenal officials have sought to quell rumours that the famous sundial from the Sundial End at the Manor Ground in Plumstead has been thrown in a skip after a report appeared in an Arsenal fans' periodical 'One Nil Down, One All Draw'. "It is not true," a flustered Sir Henry Norris told us, "the dial will be installed and ready when the new ground opens in January." Fans are sceptical. One told us: "I've heard a rumour that they are planning to introduce new crowd control technology at the new ground such as fences, so it wouldn't surprise me it they put in one of those new fangled clocks without any consultation as well."

The young England player Wayne Rooney has been caught peering at the ankles of 52 year old Patricia Morrey by journalists from the Pall Mall Gazette. The scandal threatens to end the career of the popular pin-up boy as he struggles to hold on to hit lucrative stipend promoting British cauliflower. Mr Rooney's fiancée Colleen McLoughlin has however vowed to stand by the UK's first Four Pound Five Shilling player for the sake of her house in the country.

You’re Going Down With the Titanic
Tottenham Hotspur and Athletic Club fans were celebrating the relegation of their South London rival's Arsenal. Spurs Manager Peter McWilliam told us: "What with their disastrous season and the cost of financing their new stadium, if we see them back in the top division then I'll be a Dutchman."

Monday, 3 April 2006

SOCA Skills

I’m very disappointed about the newly announced crime agency… the Serious and Organised Crimes Agency. Shouldn’t they have called it C.I.5 and put Bodie and Doyle back on the case?

Sunday, 2 April 2006

Desert Island Discs

A challenge on the All About Eve Forum for your 10 Albums to be stranded on a desert island with on a solar powered CD player had me thinking. This is more difficult than it looks and assumes that “Best of…” collections constitutes cheating! I’ve erred on the side of putting the album on and not skipping weak tracks when deciding on how to whittle it down.

  • Judith Durham & The Seekers – A Carnival of Hits
    Okay, by my own rules I am cheating, but you can’t get the originals now anyway.
  • Cocteau Twins – Treasure
    You really can listen to this one on “repeat” - Musette and Drums you're genius too!
  • Sisters of Mercy – First Last and Always
    A song for every conceivable type of misery… like being stuck on a desert island
  • The Cure – Disintegration
    I’ll have to make do without my favourite Cure song, but Seventeen Seconds only clocks in at 35 minutes.
  • Fields of the Nephilim – Elizium
    Another non-stop repeatable listen
  • Lush – Lovelife
    Forget Radio 6’s “Dream Ticket”, I went to mine. The Garden Party 1990: The Cure, All About Eve, James & Lush. I only wish I could remember it. A sunny day, cold beer and a lake. A dangerous combination.
  • Rilo Kiley – The Execution of All Things
    Tough call for which of their albums but this wins for the shear singalongabilty of “With Arms Outstretched”.
  • Girls Aloud – Sound of the Underground
    It was either this or S Club 7 – Sunshine. Their take on “Lucretia My Reflection (version)” swung it for me, although you might know it as “No Good Advice”
  • Girls at Our Best! - Pleasure
    Still unlike anything else you're likely to hear. Perfect Punk-Pop.
  • All About Eve - All About Eve
    You just cannot have too much flanger!

Saturday, 1 April 2006

Fat Bob Band

Royal Albert Hall 1st April 2006

Given that with no keyboards some songs were effectively off limits, it was a stunning show. I've always been worried that they'd descend into being a "cabaret" band like some of their contemporaries, but there's no sign of that yet. My only complaint is, whose bright idea was it to make the gig all seating? It can't be venue policy as All About Eve was standing (as is The Last Night of the Proms).

Definitely up there in the top three Cure gigs.