Sunday, 26 August 2007

Reading Festival 2007

Only got a ticket for the Friday this year. Tricky decision, Ash or Razorlight?

In the end I saw: The Horrors, Jimmy Eat World, Maximo Park, Interpol and Ash

Saw Ash at the Isle of Wight and they were good, but here they were great. The complete MFP Greatest Hits set!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

When is a complaint not a complaint?

...when it is made by Martin Salter MP.

I've been contacted by th eInformation Commissioner's Office regarding the "complaint" Martin Salter says he made about Reading Borough Council.

He has done nothing of the sort. There is no complaint at the ICO from Martin Salter MP about RBC. Now why would he lie about that?

Monday, 6 August 2007

Response From a Tragic Individual

He doesn't like it up him!
What a shame Mr. Salter had to resort to a personal attack as his only defence to my Freedom of Information request. What exactly is wrong with holding people accountable to the electorate? No wonder people are turned off politics.
If he had checked before launching his foot-in-mouth attack, he would know that I specifically asked for personal data to be removed. Mr Salter on the other hand was happy to use personal correspondence in the Commons as “evidence”.
How did he know my request was futile? Has seen the “warning” send to Council officers? Also “vexatious” is a rarely used word. I assume hasn’t seen my responses from the council because of the Data Protection Act. We’ll put that one down to a curious coincidence.
And I’m accused of wasting taxpayers’ money by the same person who asked Reading Borough Council to provide the costs of changing Reading to Reading-on-Thames so he could ridicule Rob Wilson? Or do the Council do his work for free?
Perhaps as Labour Party vice chair for the Environment he’d also like to defend the £15m slashed from the Environment Agency and £50m from British Waterways when DEFRA were hit with a £350m fine for Government incompetence before lecturing West Berkshire on how to spend relief money.
And as a supporter of wasting £5bn on ID cards whilst overseeing Reading police officers haemorrhage to the Met, I don’t need lectures from him about wasting taxpayers’ money.
For Martin’s peace of mind, I took his advice and had a lovely day in the New Forest on Saturday. I hope he had just as much fun drowning maggots.