Friday, 2 May 2008

Election Fever

Despite a last minute attempt at dirty tricks by the (now) ex-leader of the council, I've been elected as a councillor for Katesgrove ward in Reading. A thank you to all who helped without whom...

I guess this is where the hard work really starts.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

It's a small world!

Checking to see if there were any references on the web to my school's version of Sweeny Todd (this was in 1976, so it was more in hope than actually expecting to find something) I've just discovered that George Allegiah went to my school and his family are from Sri Lanka. And he went to my friend's college at Durham University.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Philately is the sincerest form of collecting stamps.

Here's a funny thing. Labour, Tories and Lib Dems are all "against" the local Post Office closures. One's in Government and is responsible for them closing, one plans to privatise the whole shooting match and the other party wants to put Post Offices back into the heart of the local community. Guess which crocodile tear shedding parties get the most local press coverage? C'est la Guerre!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Standards and Privileges

Mr. Salter has picked up the Reading West Green candidate on a point in a recent letter regarding his recent brush with the Standards and Privileges Committee.

Whilst he is undoubtedly correct on the single point of fact he mentions regarding the case, the Committee found him guilty of using pre-paid House of Commons’ envelopes to distribute unsolicited material and a failure to say it had been paid from his parliamentary allowance.

The director of the Department of Finance and Administration said of Mr. Salter: "I consider some of his comments about his approach to the House rules regrettable. It is possible to draw the inference that Mr Salter has on occasions knowingly broken the rules for which this Department and others have a responsibility."

Is it any wonder then that the Reading West MP spent so much time and effort trying to exempt himself and his fellow MPs from the Freedom of Information Act last year?

Speaking of which, how did your "official complaint" to the Information Commissioner about Reading Borough Council go Mr. Salter? It’s gone a bit quiet on that front.

And before the Conservatives start playing holier than thou, Rob Wilson was found guilty by the same committee of distributing party political material along with a Parliamentary "Report" which itself broke the rules for use of the Parliamentary allowance.

Snouts in the trough from both Labour and Tories, where the only crime seems to be getting caught.