Thursday, 22 January 2009

Comment is Free

I'm beginning to think the local Labour Party has lost the plot, blaming all and sundry for their ills rather than face up to the fact that they are an arrogant bunch of fools.

And as Salter's web page attests to, they really haven't got the hang of this Interweb thingy wotsit either.

So it was that a Labour apparachnik called 'Whitley Jim' was dispatched to the getReading site to out me as "that Lib Dem Warren Swaine" after I'd left a few comments there. If the dur-brain had bothered to check he would have found that it was no secret that 'Was' was me, a fact well known by all the regular posters. Although I thank him for complimenting me on my six-pack, or at least that what I assume he meant when he called me gutless.


Oranjepan said...

Cllr Willis thinks he knows who I am, but his inability to back up his words with actions could also be described as gutless.
I think he thinks I'm John Wood.

Anonymous said...

but you are Blanche, you are!

Was said...

What? Willis way off the mark agin. I'm shocked!

Anonymous said...

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