Sunday, 2 April 2006

Desert Island Discs

A challenge on the All About Eve Forum for your 10 Albums to be stranded on a desert island with on a solar powered CD player had me thinking. This is more difficult than it looks and assumes that “Best of…” collections constitutes cheating! I’ve erred on the side of putting the album on and not skipping weak tracks when deciding on how to whittle it down.

  • Judith Durham & The Seekers – A Carnival of Hits
    Okay, by my own rules I am cheating, but you can’t get the originals now anyway.
  • Cocteau Twins – Treasure
    You really can listen to this one on “repeat” - Musette and Drums you're genius too!
  • Sisters of Mercy – First Last and Always
    A song for every conceivable type of misery… like being stuck on a desert island
  • The Cure – Disintegration
    I’ll have to make do without my favourite Cure song, but Seventeen Seconds only clocks in at 35 minutes.
  • Fields of the Nephilim – Elizium
    Another non-stop repeatable listen
  • Lush – Lovelife
    Forget Radio 6’s “Dream Ticket”, I went to mine. The Garden Party 1990: The Cure, All About Eve, James & Lush. I only wish I could remember it. A sunny day, cold beer and a lake. A dangerous combination.
  • Rilo Kiley – The Execution of All Things
    Tough call for which of their albums but this wins for the shear singalongabilty of “With Arms Outstretched”.
  • Girls Aloud – Sound of the Underground
    It was either this or S Club 7 – Sunshine. Their take on “Lucretia My Reflection (version)” swung it for me, although you might know it as “No Good Advice”
  • Girls at Our Best! - Pleasure
    Still unlike anything else you're likely to hear. Perfect Punk-Pop.
  • All About Eve - All About Eve
    You just cannot have too much flanger!

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