Monday, 19 January 2009

Resignation Special

I know it's fashionable in some circles to call for the heads of political opponents, but in truth it is very rarely justified. I went to see Russell Brand last night and he brilliantly exposed the motivations and hypocrisy of the media and politicians in whipping up public opinion.

However, the news that Pete Ruhemann, or Mr. Lovelock as he is otherwise known, has finally resigned as lead councillor for Children's Services is one of those times when I feel it has been fully justified. We are talking a systematic failure on his watch and whether it is compliance or a wish not to rock the boat, the lack of any sort of local investigation doesn't sit happy on a local press who content themselves with printing positively spun press releases signed off by the lead councillor responsible for it.

And if he'd gone with just one acknowledgement that he was sorry that he'd let Reading's children down, I'd have carried some respect for him. But he didn't.

I wonder if Pete Ruhemann saw Russell Brand and is now doing a little "I am the news" dance at home tonight.


Oranjepan said...

Anna Wright??? Should she go?

Anonymous said...

...she should never of started.

Anyone else for the list? Baby Bird seems to have some in mind.