Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Whistle Blown

One of the unreported matters (so far) from the council meeting on the 27th January is a comment made by Jo Lovelock about the planned investigation into bullying in Children's Services prompted by a whistle blower talking to the press.

She told the meeting that the complaints would be investigated and if found to be unproven action would be taken.

Go girl, threaten people who have kept quiet about bullying because they have been scared to speak out against their management with disciplinary action.

That's one way to make sure that any questions of bullying are buried... threaten to bully the bullied even more.

UPDATE: I have had an assurance from the Chief Executive that whistleblowers will be protected, even if their allegations are not proven.

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Nowtas said...

It is not just that allegations need to be proven. It is, as is everything Lovelock becomes involved with, the case that she needs to understand and agree with what is staring – often shouting - her in the face. Anyone who now openly admits to problems faces what exactly? An uncomfortable work environment for a floundering employer? They have that already, so why should such cheap threats from the huffing halfwit concern them? Such statements could earn them respect (something Lovelock does not have a hope of) and improve overall performance in the RBC (something Lovelock is actively preventing with this behaviour).

Rumour has it that Lovelockandload (also the name of a rather nifty online shop, for those of a retro bent) believes she deserves her current position as partner to a martyr. Deluded people should not hold positions of power, nor should they think they distract anyone from issues within the council offices by tumbling in with discussions about international conflicts (discussions which effectively lose a few votes for the sake of holding a few more).

I used to just dislike living in Reading. Now, I am focusing my dislike on the really disagreeable few that let the town down. It feels more productive at least.