Monday, 23 February 2009

Cash for Questions

First, lets get Rik Willis's rather tedious references to muckspreading being a Lib Dem site out of the way.

I'm quite in favour of the constant references by Wing Commander Rik Willis (Desk Jockey Squadron) to muckspReading, it does drive up the hits after all. However, whilst I have no problems with the claims that muckspReading is written by a Lib Dem, it is not a Lib Dem web site and never has been. A separation of personal and political interests is something that Rikie boy doesn't quite seem to understand. After all, the rest of us assumed that his milk and cookies rantings in praise of dead white racist dictators wasn't Tory party policy, simply his own personal twisted views. If it was the case that they were official Tory views, there would have been no reason for Rob Wilson's self styled 'Chief of Staff' to have been suspended from his job.

But let's do a little analysis of his dead sheep attack. I don't think that voters will be concerned that our party is funded by our own candidates and the local Liberal Club. What next? Shock at Tories visiting the Conservative Club. How dare they!

He does himself no favours into deliberately leaving out the non-cash donations to the local parties. Mr. Madejski's little contributions make it a tidy £104,000 that the local Tories have received. Some might speculate that he is the one deliberately trying to deceive the electorate by leaving it out.

No, the real issue is the bankrolling of parties by people who have no interest in Reading and are not accountable to the Reading electorate.

Bearwood Corporate Services is nothing more than a front organisation to get around the law on foreign donations. The Northampton Machinery Company is a front for multi-millionaire Roger Hancox a man with close links to Reading - Not! Memo Fashions is a north London business and the personal donation to Alok Sharma's campaign is from an Indian shipping millionaire.

I don't think voters have a problem with local Lib Dems funding their own campaigns, but I think questions need to be asked about why so many out of town, and in some case out of country, multi-millionaires are pouring cash into the local Tory party and just what they expect to get in return.

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