Friday, 27 February 2009

Cure for Insomnia

A week is a long time in Reading politics so it was good to get out of the mad house and go to see the Fat Bob Band at the O2.

They only played for 110 minutes so for Cure fans a short gig, not the over three hour marathons we've grown accustomed to. I guess they had to squeeze in Franz Ferdinand, Crystal Castles and White Lies somehow.

I did laugh at the irony of being crowned "Godlike Geniuses" by the music paper that has accused them of being the new Pink Floyd, of 'packaging this insubstantial froth as though it had some social validity' and of releasing an "album of Enid Blyton readings". I've always thought Paul Morley was a twat and I have always hated the NME since.

Reading Festival has missed a trick over the years not having The Cure headline even once (so far their only appearance was way down the bill in 1979), whilst packing it out with bands who owe their existance to them. It has never ceased to amazed me how popular they are in other countries. They headlined the Paris Live8 gig (definitely wouldn't happen here) and in April they are headlining the Coachella Festival... again. A prophet is despised in his own country. Come on Melvin... book 'em before it is too late.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may recognise the flag drapped over Simon Gallup's bass amp. That flag has toured the world!

Best Cure web site is Chain of Flowers.

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