Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A Good Day for Democracy

The Writing Was On The Wall

It would seem that Martin Salter is following his own advice to get out more. Whether this is good news for the small mammals, birds and fish around Reading is another matter.

Many of us have suspected it for a long time but thought he would make the announcement closer to the election. In the end he had no choice but to go if the "hardest Working MP" wanted to avoid an embarrassing defeat at the hands of a pretty poor Tory candidate.

With the Labour Party funded by unions who find it increasingly difficult to justify handing over their members' money for nothing other than misguided loyalty to the party that once was and the dead hand of Gordon Brown on the tiller, it doesn't help that the Tory candidate is bankrolled by millionaires Roger Hancox, Prakashchandra Hedge and Indian shipping tycoon Ravi Mehrotra. Alok doesn't even have to get out of bed to campaign.

Martin's legacy will be the first recorded law introducing a thought crime into British Law, the over-turning of our centuries old rights to Habeus Corpus with the detention of British Citizens without trial, the closure of local Post Offices, the introduction of the database state where you are not a free man, you ARE a number and his two-faced stance over the Iraq war to keep his chums at the Pakistani Community Centre happy.

But that all pales into insignificance when from the outset he was guilty of that most heinous of crimes - changing his football team for political expedience. Shame on you!

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