Thursday, 19 February 2009

Untie the Union

It may shock some Labour Party apparatchniks and union executives to discover that large numbers of their members are not Labour supporters, yet every year we get wanna-be officials flaunting their Labour credentials in the hope that it'll swing a few votes for them.

I just hope the members look at Labour's track record and ask themselves "what has the Labour Party done for us?" I'll tell you what, a big fat nada.

That's £11m of union money sent to prop up a discredited Government who have at times acted worse than the Tories in their headlong rush to PFIs and PPPs as they fiddle the balance sheets and were responsible for the 'light touch' in financial regulation which has got us into the current mess we're in.

In typical stasi style the Unite Executive Council jumps in to rubbish one of his opponents claims about Derek Simpson's lavish lifestyle, but instead confirms it. "Mr. Simpson's salary is under £100,000" they declare... so not under £90,000 then?

In the old days Derek Simpson would simply have been considered a class traitor, but instead we can see him as he really is, a discredited trade union hack who sold our block vote in the Labour conference Iraq War vote for a pittance.

He might turn out to be no better, he may even turn out to be a raving left-wing nutter, but I'm voting for Jerry Hicks, simply because he isn't Derek Simpson.

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