Saturday, 7 March 2009


April 21st, The Eden House are playing The Luminaire in Kilburn High Road. Crackin'!

Back in pre-history, before I got into sound and lighting, I used to do the Friday Disco at Portsmouth Polytechnic (1983-1988) which at the time was the legendary hang out for locals. I did many normal discos at the time (stop laughing in the back row. My Hi-NRG collection was to die for!) but this one didn't pay the DJ so that the Student Union Ents Committee could use it to bankroll their less successful gigs. In the town it was the place to be on a Friday night and it was the first time I'd get regularly get stopped walking down the street that didn't involve the police!

I had a slight advantage over the other DJs as I was a local and knew what people liked. I knew local bad boy band emptifish because the drummer went to my school and his older brother was friend of mine. All very funny when there was a stage invasion and the band had to ask their fans to give our mikes back!

I'd play most things, but it was by and large a goth extraveganza. Specimen, The Cramps, Alien Sex Fiend and my Sisters gobo! I would sneak my sister in even though she was under 18 and then have the Ents officer rush around trying to work out who she was - no chance! I never spoke during the whole evening apart from at the end when I usually told the audience to 'piss off' (ah, the anarchy of youth!) and finished it off with 'White Horses' by Jackie.

It enabled me to do two discos and share a pizza with my hero John Peel who rubbished The Sisters of Mercy before playing 'Temple of Love'. Sell out! In 1985 I managed to squeeze in 10 Cure tracks in a 3 hour stint! Not bad since they'd only just released 'Head on the Door' at the time.

The glory days of Goth may be long gone... but as long as there are underaged kids wearing black and drinking cider in the Forbury Gardens, it'll never be forgotten!

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No Paul Groovy and The Pop Art Experience? Shame on you!