Sunday, 29 March 2009

Leeds: A Warning From History.

The not-so-secret film club went to see "The Damned United" at the weekend. It brought memories flooding back... like just exactly how much I still hated Leeds United!

Leeds were the Chelsea of the day in terms of playground reach and a sobering warning of what can happen when parents are not firm with their offspring. In my class there were only two Arsenal fans with the rest made up of glory hunters and goal hangers.

It wasn’t a difficult choice for me to pick Arsenal, my Mum supported them having moved to Highbury when she arrived from Sri Lanka and my Dad was a Plymouth Argyle fan. By the time he tried to interest me in supporting Argyle, I’d already been an Arsenal fan for a year thanks to my Mum. It was certainly character building as 73-74 was not a good time to be an Arsenal fan in the playground.

The Damned United is an excellent film for which even a passing interest in football is not required to enjoy and a reminder of a dark period for English soccer when Leeds United cheated, hacked and bribed their way to the top.

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