Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Rainmaker

Although not a great reader of his books, I have to admit that film adaptions of John Grisham's books make great cinema.

I spotted one on BBC1 the other night, recorded it and have just got around to watching it. Francis Ford Coppola did a very good rendition of Grisham's story. There was one courtroom scene in particular that was exceptionally good, about a health insurance company that refused to payout for even the most obvious cases.

I'm not going to name the council department that the dialogue reminded me of, because I suspect I'd have another referral to the Chief Executive if I did... but I'll leave it up to you the reader to draw up your own conculsions as to which department this most closely resembles. Go on, I'll bet there is more than one!

Witness: The Company uses playing the odds. The odds that the insured would not consult a lawyer
Defence Lawyer: Now during that time, you were a senior claims executive?
Witness: That is correct
Defence Lawyer: ...and during that time was there ever an occasion you should were given instructions about how you should handle claims?
Witness: Deny all claims for a year. Add up the money saved, deduct the amount spent on quick court settlements. There's a pot of gold left.

No names, no pack drill, as the late John Peel would say!

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Anonymous said...

I love it Was! the Dept. referred to and correct me if I am wrong has shredded all the evidence ( see EP), including mine..Get more sinister by the day. Will the Police be called in?? I hope so. Think of all those poor children..