Monday, 2 March 2009

Taxing Situation

Well, no doubt the dust will settle and you'll get the party machine spins tomorrow and the Evening Post printing the Labour Party line, as they have done in every article up to this point. But let's face it, the Lib Dems kicked arse and basically got their original amendment voted through in its entirety.

If you're wondering why it took so long to come up with the wording finally agreed on tonight, Labour are Zillons from the planet Tharg and are not to be trusted. We discovered that during negotiations and found a lot more skeletons in the closet that we think will eventually come out in the wash.

In the end we believe that we've finally got the budget pinned down enough so that they can't wiggle out of it. Time will tell of course, but a wholescale review of council finances and spend has just been agreed on and slated for savings this year, not next.

The Tories were more upset that they had to cancel holidays and tickets for events than actually having any concern for the legality of their position. But hey, they are Tories after all. What else did you expect?


jane said...

skeletons coming out in the wash? nice mixed metaphor Was - duplicitous bastards is right though

Was said...

I've since changed changed 'duplicitous bastards' to the old Not The Nine O'Clock News joke because it is funnier... but you get my drift!