Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Because She's Worth It

Who says turkeys won't vote for Christmas? Yesterday we voted for a 2.5% decrease in councillor allowances. This bold move proposed by the Tories to balance the books was gesture politics at its worst, but at least it was a gesture which is more than I expected from them.

They've had a year to prepare their "zero percent" budget and all they could come up with was cutting councillor allowances. Go on good people of Reading go out and celebrate. That's a massive 0.02% cut in your council tax or 24p. Only £2,787,445 to go. What a complete bunch of charlatans.

However, Labour councillor Peter "Bollocks" Jones came out with a priceless comment during the debate when he said: "Some people earn their money, some don't" which got me thinking, who could he possibly be thinking off?

He was inadvertedly right about one thing, some councillors really do earn their allowances... and others are lazy and feckless. I think Councillor Jones summed it up in his own words quite aptly: "I'm abstaining because I've never cared." Yes, we know Peter. Now get back to reading your magazines during meetings. Even Tony Page told him to shut up!

For the purposes of this study I have divided the total pot of basic allowances by the amount of work officially recorded on the council's case work system. The third column is the amount council tax payers are either being shortchanged or not paying enough for their councillor's representation.

Now one person in particular will cry foul as he believes that unaccountable work should be taken into account, but then in my book that's pretty much tantamount to claiming expenses without a receipt and that's snouts in the trough to me. And if the deputy leader of the council can deputy lead and still do as much officially recorded casework, then so can everyone else.

So here's the RBC Performance Related Pay League table. The dotted line is the current councillor allowance level and I have to say that there is absolutely no surprise as to who is the laziest councillor:

CouncillorNotional PayExcess/Forfeit
1BENSON, Daisy£ 35,487.46 £27,267.46
2PAGE, Tony (Deputy Leader)£ 32,428.20 £24,208.20
3ORTON, Mike£ 22,842.50 £14,622.50
4EPPS, Gareth £ 21,822.75 £13,602.75
5TICKNER, Bet£ 21,618.80 £13,398.80
6GOODALL, Glenn£ 21,210.90 £12,990.90
7BAYES, Kirsten£ 17,947.68 £9,727.68
8LOVELOCK, Jo (Leader)£ 15,908.17 £7,688.17
9RALPH, Mark£ 13,868.66 £5,648.66
10STEELE, Tom£ 13,664.71 £5,444.71
11BALLSDON, Isobel£ 12,644.96 £4,424.96
12STANWAY, Tom£ 11,829.15 £3,609.15
=13ENNIS, John£ 11,625.20 £3,405.20
=13SWAINE, Warren£ 11,625.20 £3,405.20
15CHOWDHARY, Jamie£ 11,217.30 £2,997.30
16KHAN, Gul£ 9,585.69 £1,365.69
17CUMPSTY, Andrew£ 7,954.09 -£265.91
18RYNN, Jenny£ 7,546.18 -£673.82
19WILLIS, Richard£ 5,710.63 -£2,509.37
=20EDWARDS, Deborah£ 5,506.67 -£2,713.33
=20WARMAN, Emma£ 5,506.67 -£2,713.33
22DUVEEN, Ricky£ 5,302.72 -£2,917.28
23RUHEMANN, Pete£ 4,690.87 -£3,529.13
24HUSSAIN, Wazir£ 4,486.92 -£3,733.08
=25BEARD, Peter£ 3,671.12 -£4,548.88
=25GITTINGS, Paul£ 3,671.12 -£4,548.88
=25LUCKETT, Dave£ 3,671.12 -£4,548.88
28SKEATS, Jeanette£ 3,059.26 -£5,160.74
=29STEVENS, David£ 2,855.31 -£5,364.69
=29WATSON, Debbie£ 2,855.31 -£5,364.69
=31AYUB, Mohammed£ 2,447.41 -£5,772.59
=31HARRIS, Tim£ 2,447.41 -£5,772.59
=31TOWNEND, Mike£ 2,447.41 -£5,772.59
=34JONES, Tony£ 2,243.46 -£5,976.54
=34MASKELL, Chris£ 2,243.46 -£5,976.54
36PUGH, Fred£ 2,039.51 -£6,180.49
37HOSKIN, Graeme£ 1,835.56 -£6,384.44
=38HARRIS, Chris£ 1,631.61 -£6,588.39
=38SINGLETON-WHITE, Mary£ 1,631.61 -£6,588.39
40JANJUA, Azam£ 1,427.66 -£6,792.34
=41MERRIOTT, Shirley£ 1,223.71 -£6,996.29
=41STAINTHORP, Richard£ 1,223.71 -£6,996.29
=43HANLEY, Jim£ 1,019.75 -£7,200.25
=43HARTLEY, Jon£ 1,019.75 -£7,200.25
45BYRNE, Terry£ 815.80 -£7,404.20
46JONES, Peter £ 611.85 -£7,608.15

Figures are from May 08 to Feb 09


Glenn said...

If only...

howard thomas said...

"charlatans" is that a polite word for tossers?

Anonymous said...

Oh, a Lib Dem at the top of the list. How convenient.

NDKP said...

A truly independent analysis conducted by a Lib Dem with a Lib Dem topping the "value for money" chart. Ummm. Now woldn't it be more interseting if someone independent had done this - Jones anyone? - or you had revealed what mgazines were being read at meetings. I hope we're not paying for them.

NDKP said...

Oh, I really should check before posting. Yes I know how to spell interesting and magazines etc.

NDKP said...

And wouldn't...