Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Grab a Gurkha!

There has been a lot of talk about how Gordon Brown should be ashamed of himself over his handling of the right of Gurkhas to stay in this country after serving the crown so loyally.

But Gordon Brown is not the man who should be ashamed. He is, after all, holding the Government line in the face of a record national debt.

No, it is the 245 other Labour MPs who voted with him who should do the decent thing and go outside with a loaded pistol and rid Parliament of the self-serving greedy snouts in the trough sort of people who have done democracy so much disservice.

It is only right that the names of every one of them should be published.

UPDATE: When I wrote this post, I wasn't aware the the Reading West Weasel had abstained. The man is an unprincipled pusillanimitous disgrace. I hope his supporters are proud of themselves.


Oranjepan said...

Here you go.

howard thomas said...

"pursillanimious" !!! I assume that wasn't any kind of compliment then!
How would you fit that on a scrabble board without cheating?
Seriously though----whatever was going through his mind when he abstained----there is no possible promotion to come for doggedly following Mr. Brown's instructions because he is packing it all in soon---so why not vote the way that you campaigned? Mind numbing!

Anonymous said...

Jane is back see