Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Kandy Man Can

I take more than a passing interest in things Sri Lankan as my great-grandmother was a Sri Lankan Tamil and my mother was born there. My second cousin only survived the Boxing Day tsunami because she went out shopping early and came home to no house.

So when I saw an item on the getreading web site that an Evening Post reporter was heading out to file a report, I apparently posted the following comment:
Perhaps whilst Natalie is out there she could perhaps also file a report on the political situation in Sri Lanka? I know it will be of interest to the many in the Reading Sri Lankan community.
Except there was a bit missing by the time it got to being posted... the bit when I asked her to make sure she reported on the endemic corruption and rampant racism that is at the heart of the problems in the country. Odd that.

I'm sure Reading's Sri Lankan Tamils population would love to hear an unbiased report in the Evening Post on Serendip. I'm not sure we are going to get one if they can't stop editing their own comments page to remove off message items.

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