Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Legal Advice

Reading Tories don't seem to be able to give up peddling their Conservative Central Office written Lib/Lab Pact fiction. I wonder where they picked up the idea of a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously".

The real problem for them is their continued attempt to lie to the electorate about their "zero" percent council tax increase. Still local Tories are habitual liars as their faked "fly-tipping" photo in one of their glossies attests to.

One Tory councillor seemed genuinely surprised when I handed him a copy of the council's budget legal advice. I can't think why their leader didn't appear to have seen fit to share it with his group.

They may want to read section 12 a bit closer and consider that if next year they repeat their budget shenanighans of singing and scoffing pizzas instead of helping to set a legal budget, it could lead to them being personally liable to any costs incurred by the Council.

RBC Legal Advice (Word)
RBC Legal Advice (PDF)


Anonymous said...

That's just legal advice and is "one opinion" of a QC. Go to another one and you will have a different interpretation of the Law. Surely you must know that! RBC tend to use agressive Counsels who put the fear of God in anyone and defend their position that way.They pay them also a huge amount of money (??) to do just that. If you want savings, I would have a look on how much money they spend on outside legal fees to cover up all sorts..

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they are quaking about the conseouences (sic). Bit worrying a QC can't even spell, or uses US spellings... maybe tories should ask more Ouestions (sic).

Was said...

Fair comment... any Tories willing to be a test case?

I should point out that it had to go through OCR as I didn't have an electronic copy.