Friday, 3 April 2009

NAGging Doubts

I went along to the Redlands Neighbourhood Action Group to represent my constituents and to bring up matters of anti-social behaviour and graffiti on their behalf, only to be told by the chair and vice chair before the meeting started that I wasn't welcome! Eventually it was agreed that I could stay as an observer, which was pretty unsatisfactory and a very odd way to behave towards an elected representative.

The reason they gave was that according to them the area of Katesgrove ward east of Southampton Street in the Redlands NAG area had been "transferred" to Katesgrove NAG.

Well, that was news to me. The only Redlands' streets adopted by the Katesgrove NAG are the Whitley Street shops and Highgrove Street and this is quite clearly stated in an email sent to them last June and in the publically available June minutes: Katesgrove NAG.

I wonder why they didn't want me there?


Anonymous said...

Is it because Keith Jerrome and Peter 'Humilitated in Redlands' Kayes are both Labour activists? Perish the thought!

Was said...

I find it astonishing that you could even suggest that they would wish to exclude me for political purposes. As we all know, NAGs are not a political platform. It says so in their constitutions.