Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Same Old Song

Annual Council was interesting for the sole reason that we have finally nailed the Tory lie that there is a Lib Dem-Labour administration running the town. Let's get this absolutely clear shall we, so that the electorate can be sure of the facts.

Reading has a Labour administration because to a man and woman, the Tory group voted for one.

There is no other reason.

What Labour does in the coming year is the complete responsibility of every single member of the Tory group. What Labour inflicts on the town is the fault of the Tory group. When Labour screw up again, it will be the fault of the Tory group.

Of course, it didn't go without the usual blustering and pomposity from the Conservatives who once again proved themselves not fit to run the town if they ever get power by once again showing that they can't be bothered to read the Borough's constitition.

The annual meeting is the moment that the council appoints the executive for the coming year. If you want to appoint a different one this is the moment that you do it. D'uh!

The Labour response was predictable. On the Disappointment Index Jo Lovelock only registered a "very disappointed". I was hoping for an "extremely disappointed" at the very minimum, so I was disappointed.

Events only proved, as if we didn't already know it, what an arrogant bunch Labour are. Last year they were rejected at the ballot box and have less than half the number of councillors, yet still think it is their divine right to run the town.

I can exclusively reveal how many calls our group received to ask us if they could count on our support or abstentions to re-elect their executive... a big fat zero.

But we know that they are a busted flush, so you can't really blame them for carrying on with their arrogant ways after 23 years of running the town into the ground. That's only to be expected from them. The real disgrace as far as the people of Reading are concerned is the behaviour of the local Conservative group.

This is what Andrew Cumpsty said in the Evening Post in February: "Reading deserves much better than this and we Conservatives are ready to deliver it."

Their actions and conduct then and now exposes that boast as hollow and empty rhetoric like their other promises. They continue to peddle the lie that they would have set a zero percent council tax, when in fact their budget for change was a blank sheet of paper. No wonder people have no trust in politicians when they act like this. They really are a shameless bunch constantly trying to hoodwink the electorate.

They had their chance to back up their words with actions and the local Conservatives blew it. They have shown themselves to be more interested in dressing up in fancy dress and posturing than delivering anything concrete to the people of Reading. Last year the electorate demanded change. They have been peristently denied it by this disreputable bunch who have the cheek to style themselves an an opposition.

One thing was clear from the Annual Meeting. Reading only has one official opposition group, and it sure isn't the Tories.


Cllr Tony Jones said...

Slow down, Was, at least add a title!

Was said...

That's what happens when you try to juggle geese! Title added.

Adrian Windisch said...

When they want the the LD get Lab to change eg backing the Tories to get Mayor Pugh and re the Budget.

The LD are acting as kingmakers.

Adrian Windisch said...

Oops, one too many 'the'. May have been a stutter.