Friday, 26 June 2009

Entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Sloan

Tuesday's council meeting was a fun affair.

We can now say that Reading Tories make it up as they go along... it's official!

First we had a motion from them against the Preventing Violent Extremism report that looked like it had been made up on the back of a fag packet. Actually, it would have been much improved if it had been written on the back of a fag packet. So much so that when their group descended into farce they were told by their own Mayor to get their heads together and "sort it out", which they did by removing the word 'not' from their motion to reverse its main recommendation completely!

Then we had one of their number putting forward a motion to help defray the service charges to council tax residents by putting windmills on tower blocks. Since he didn't voice any opposition to the service charges in his speech he presumably agreed with them as a way of balancing the Housing Revenue Account, so it's amusing watching their headbangers trying to pretend that they'd do nothing of the sort.

I have to acknowledge though, that they have a understandable position to present to the electorate. It's hard to accuse them of their sums not adding up when they steadfastly refuse to do the sums in the first place. I suppose their argument is that it's impossible for the opposition to accuse them of committing major fraud on the electorate, when no-one actually knows what amount is involved.

This was followed in the meeting by an even more hilarious scene when the more excitable fringe of the Tory group had to be chased back to their seats after getting up to walk out when the saner members of their group suddenly realised that they'd lose one of their own motions if they left.

We're used to ridicule from both Labour and Tories for sticking to our principles in the council chamber. The number of votes since May 2008 which have seen the Tories and Labour voting with each other against the Lib Dems leaves no doubt that there is only one opposition party in Reading, but if the Tories really think that they are ready for power, then Lord help the residents of Reading. They are an absolute shambles.


Anonymous said...

Nice to be the minority group who never will get in power hey! Never accountable and very adept at musical chairs..

Anonymous said...

Of course in the parallel universe inhabited by Prik Willis and his Tory surrealists, the Lib Dems are introducing housing charges, Sandford Farm was never allocated by the Tories for development and the Tories are against targeting Muslims. Or are against Muslims. It probably depends on who they are talking to at the time.

Oh yeah and Michael Jackson lives...

Anonymous said...

You're a sad pathetic lilttle man who clearly does not know how to tell the truth!
The word on the street is you Lib Dums (as someone else called you on this blog) do nothing when it comes to Council meetings or for the public you represent and you seem to think writing little blogs full of bull is what is required to be a Councillor? Thank goodness your numbers are dwindling, we'll soon see you lot off the Council. Byeeeee!

Was said...

I do realise that dealing with facts seems to cause Tories especial trouble, but I'm a patient person.

Year on year Reading Lib Dems have been getting more seats on the council, fact. And I seem to remember a Tory loss in Woodley to the Lib Dems recently, fact.

Please continue with your insults, I have no intention of moderating them. They do not play well with the electorate who can plainly see what a thorougly nasty bunch you are.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so pal. I'm certainly not one of those but I'd far rather consider giving them my vote than you lot who will never ever have a majority whether locally or in Parliament.

More seats on the Cpuncil? I don't think so mate. I've just checked your Council's website and it seems to
me you're having trouble adding up!

Anyway, I'll leave you dreaming but suggest you don't bother looking for larger party premises following next years elections your lot will definitely need to DOWNSIZE!

Byeeeee !

Was said...

Most odd, it seems "I'm not a Tory dishonest guv'" has a little problem with the actualité, either that or he's looking at a web site that perhaps the police ought to know about rtaher than the published election results. I think the "lady doth protest too much."

From the Reading Borough Council web site:
2005 Lib Dems 5 councillors
2006 Lib Dems 6 councillors
2007 Lib Dems 7 councillors
2008 Lib Dems 8 councillors

Now, I may be biased, but that looks like a year on year increase to me.

Oh, and the Tories lost the recent Woodley by-election. Fact.

Ah, the cross I have to bear having a battle of wits with an unarmed man, but I'm willing to battle on for the sake of my loyal reader.

Anonymous said...

You are right Was, year on year, you have increased (+1). So tell me which year do you think you will get overall majority on Reading Borough Council and set some wonderful policies for the people of Reading to rescue them from nasty Labour and Tories? By my calculation, no that's right let's not think about it..
As for Woodley by elections, what's that got to do with Reading Council. Concentrate boy!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear I see Warren is struggling with the truth again. There were no elections to RBC in 2005!

Go back before 2004 and the Lib Dems had six Cllrs on RBC. They made a net loss in 2004, losing their place as the official opposition and going down from six to five Cllrs.

The Lib Dems have also declined in terms of votes cast, year on year since 2004 getting fewer votes at each succeeding election in RBC, despite Labours collapse.

Not a great position from which to make such exalted boasts Warren!

They have picked up a few seats from Labour since then as they have continued to lose seats in every RBC election to the Conservatives. So now they have no seats at all in the Caversham area where they used to have all three in Peppard ward.

Was said...

Now I know that reading is not a Tory strong point, but did I say there were elections in 2005? No. I said we had 5 councillors in 2005.

Still can't expect too much from Tories. They're still peddling the fiction that they set a 2009/10zero percent council budget.

Anonymous said...

And you know why they lost their seats in Caversham and Peppard? cos you were going around telling porkies on the other candidates...Remember Richard?

Anonymous said...

"Now I know that reading is not a Tory strong point, but did I say there were elections in 2005? No. I said we had 5 councillors in 2005."

Nothing like a good bit of spinning to get in the way of the truth.

Anonymous, unless my memory fails me I can't remember any Lib Dem cllrs in Caversham.