Friday, 5 June 2009

Nice and Sleazy Does It

Far from it for me to give the hapless La Dodds campaign advice but really, in retrospect was it a good idea to put out a leaflet that can be read as:

The Labour Party knows everything there is to know about parliamentary sleaze, so trust us to clean it up because we're the only party that really knows just how corrupt it is.

What next from Labour?

We know just how screwed up the economy is because we're the ones that wrecked it. Go on pretty please let us try and fix it.


We've buggered up the NHS, so please let us put it right because we're the ones who know what's broken. get my drift.

Drawing attention to why the electorate hates you is never a good idea.

And Martin Salter really has gone demob happy when stating on BBC Berkshire that MPs who didn't back Gordon Brown were 'insane'. You can tell he's not defending his seat and is looking for a post-Commons peerage courtesy of the Order of the Brown Nose.

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