Thursday, 18 June 2009

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Our 'whiter than white' MP can spot an nice little earner for the local Conservative Party when he sees one.

From the published details of MPs expenses, Reading East Conservative Association submitted invoices for and were paid:

15/09/07£1,200 for delivery of Parliamentary Report.
28/03/08£500 for posting a Parliamentary report to inaccessible electors.
18/03/08£1,300 for delivery of Parliamentary Report.

What makes it interesting is that Rob Wilson in defence of breaching Commons rules over the misuse of the Communications allowance told the Commissioner:

"I am aware that a very small number of reports were delivered after that date due to reliance on volunteer deliverers, some of whom are elderly. However I know that in the vast majority of the constituency (including Church ward) my instruction was met."

So if we are to believe the MP for Caversham, he uses volunteer deliverers for which Reading East Conservatives charge £1200-£1300.

Assuming the "inaccessible" invoice is for items that were posted, that makes £2,500 paid from the public purse to the local Tory party for "voluntary" deliveries.