Sunday, 14 June 2009

Show Me the Money!

Gordon Brown has launched a scathing attack on the Tories for proposing 10% cuts in public services. How dare he? The Tories haven't proposed anything of the sort... or indeed anything at all.

Rather like their local party who offer the electorate daily rubbish collections, round the clock litter picking, free day care for the elderly, a place at Eton for every child, a 50% cut in council tax delivered in lavender scented envelopes and a new Reading International Airport to cope with the large number of pigs circling overhead.

It's an interesting election strategy... relying on having a fool born every minute, but you've got to admire them for trying.


howard thomas said...

The flying pigs are presumably landing at Reading directly from Downing st.
Any fool knows ,and that must include GB and DC, that we cannot as a country continue in the manner that has happened over the last year. We will run out of people willing to lend money to the UK.
Cuts will have to be made and/or taxes raised!
The problem comes by the fact that the nobody seems to be able to work out that there is a mass of wasted money that could be cut without affecting front line services----take quangoland, which according to the tax payers alliance, could be cut back by £44 billion out of the total spend of £120 odd billion and no difference would be noticeable. Why is it that the fool DC is not able to see that this is the way to deflect criticism of' tory cuts'----is the man a complete idiot?
To go further the TPA list £101 billion of waste which could be saved----none of this would anger the public , except to want to know how the hell we came to waste so much money----but from the viewpoint of DC he would be able to point out 'Labour waste'.
I wonder how many of his friends are running these quangos and perhaps that is the reason for the silence.
The burden for putting right all the problems caused by GB and his 'light touch regulations' coupled with the outright greed of the financial institutions will no doubt fall to the average man and woman who had no part in the creation of the problem.

Was said...

The majority of these quangos are structures put in place because Whitehall wants to retain control and does not trust the people.

And you don't have to look very far in Reading to see jobs for the boys at work... what's our local librarian doing with his time now-a-days?