Saturday, 13 June 2009

Take Me to the River

Katesgrove Children's Centre extension had its official opening today.

Despite the forecast, the sun came out and it was a nice day down by the river - although I did fail to get a go on the fire engine before it had to leave, Curses!

Praise where it is due to Martin Salter who turned up. Obviously, approving of my taking his advice to get out more, politics were put to one side and we had a pleasant enough conversation. It would be churlish not to acknowledge that he was instrumental in getting the Children’s Centre off the ground and despite his rather shabby record of toadying to the government, it is something he has done that he genuinely can be proud of.

On the other hand, Rob Wilson rather predictably failed to attend yet another event in the ward and it was a shame the Mayor wasn’t able to fit it into his diary. Probably too busy fitting in party political events in his Mayor's dairy to bother. Previous Mayors have managed to turn up at events at the Children’s Centre and had a great time. I hope Fred manages to clear his diary in time for the Christmas Party.

It seems that the only time that the Tories’ can fit in activities in Katesgrove is when it comes to faking pictures for their 'newsletters'!

Update: One commenter has suggested that Rob was at the Woodley Carnival giving out prizes. I don't know if this is true, but it's a good enough excuse and probably more fun than his last visit to Woodley.


Anonymous said...

You are so gullible. The Mayor was not invited – an ex-mayor opened the centre instead, deviating away from normal protocol. Wilson wasn’t invited despite it being in his constituency. You give Salter credence for being, yet again, outside his constituency…Reading West voters should demand their money back – when does Salter represent them?

Anonymous said...

I see you Lib Dums love promoting Labour. Why don't you just merge with them? After all the voters can barely tell you walllys apart!

By the way it's a shame your blog didn't do much for you in the Euro elections; you lot came 4th beyond the Greens didn't you? Now you'll have to get off your arse and do some real ward work instead of sucking Labours arse with your self promotional propaganda!!

Quick! Empty crisp packet seen drifting in Whitley street, you'd better report it quickly to keep your stars up but don't forget to share the sighting with your other Lib buddies so they can cash in on your find! Wouldn't want you 'hard working' Libs to fall behind, would we?

Was said...

I was not fed any line by Salter. I'm just not going to embarrass the person who expressed their disappointment to me. They are not a political person.

Whilst I have in the past and will in the future continue to ridicule Salter for stepping outside his constituency, if you knew anything at all about Katesgrove and the Children's Centre you would have to acknowledge that this was one occasion when he was fully entitled to turn up.

I'm all for praising people where praise is due. It's churlish and immature not to. Hell, I've even praised Tories when appropriate... only problem with that is that it is rare for them to do anything worth praising and when they do they sack the person responsible, presumably for being too competent.

If Tories think politics is all about slagging off opponents even when they do something right, it just goes to show what a vacuous bunch of charlatans they are.

Anonymous said...

Wilson was at the Woodley Carnival instead, presenting prizes on behalf of the committee as their guest of honour!

He cant be in too places at the same time - that's even if he was invited to the childrens centre!

Was said...

Fair enough.