Friday, 5 June 2009

Woodley Town By-Election Result

Matthew HaywardLib Dems611
Zofia JacksonConservative521
Pippa WhiteLabour63

Just goes to show what arrogance can do to your poll ratings!


Anonymous said...

My god, in Liberal terms this must be like winning a General Election.

I understand that Nick Clegg has announced that the next Liberal conference will be held in Loddon. He has asked the local party to find a telephone box in which the event can take place.

Heady days indeed!

Was said...

Been drinking too much sour milk?


Anonymous said...

Thinking of taking your holidays in Somerset or Devon this year?

Bigger Loser!

Hannah said...

Labour actually polled less than that.

Was said...

Local Tories really should stop sucking lemons.

At least this time they seem to have been able to choke back the tears. One of their candidates burst out crying in Rivermead after he lost in the 2008 local elections.

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose it means something to some people Warren.

Its not all about that 8k allowance, there are a few out there that want to make a difference.

Was said...

If any party should be ashamed for collecting their allowances under false pretences, it's the Tories. Couldn't even be arsed to work out a budget this year.

Glenn said...

Hmmm, if this wasn't such a big deal to the Tories then why were they shipping people into Woodley on Thursday - Or why was Rob Wilson spending so much time there?

I think the residents in Loddon Airfield will be very insulted by the Conservatives describing the seat as an irrelevance!

Perhaps 'Anon' you should 'grow some' and actually name yourself!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Glenn coming to the defence of your pal Was!! Leave it sound like little children who have just won the big prize at the School fair. Grow up and look at the bigger picture like big boys!

Hannah said...

The Reading Borough Count has just concluded and the provisional results are as follows:
Conservative 9,894 (28.7%)
Labour 6,514 (18.9%)
Green 4,978 (14.4%)

and in fourth place...
LibDem 4,600 (13.3%)

I guess the Tories felt they could afford to move some resource to Woodley since they were doing so well in Reading. I think the residents of Woodley should be pleased that their MP recognised that Woodley is certainly not an irrelevant part of his constituency.

Maybe the LibDems should have focused more effort in Reading rather than deciding to concentrate on Town Council by election ? Strange priorities or do the Woodley Lib Dems work harder than their colleagues in Reading?

Anonymous said...

Down & Out WAS

Well Bristol is not a bad place

Anonymous said...

Jeeze! These Lib Dums really are amazing bunch who substitute real work for pointless blogging and then confuse a town council win with national
Victory! Wakey wakey boys, you ended up in fifth place, and you call that success?There again "smokes and mirrors" had always been a part of your constitution in lieu of "no chance" for at least a couple of centuries of ever coming into power. By the look of recent results we'd better make that at least 500 years. Thankfully non of us will be around to witness such chaos. Change party boys while you've stil got a chance!!

Was said...

The Tories are happy getting into bed with parties who believe that global warming is a lie and homosexuality is a 'pathology'. Why would anyone want to join them, unless they were right wing nutters?

And if I saw a Reading Tory who actually did any work then I'd be worried. I'm not.

Anonymous said...

Tories getting into bed? Oh God! The previous writer was spot on with the 'smokes and mirrors' bit! Wasn't it the Lib dems who backed the labour clowns budget?

Wasn't it the Lib dems who backed labour's transport policy last night? Shall I go on?

It's no wonder your lot came 5th in the local elections, the public have come to realize that not only are you lot delusional but there really is no difference between you and labour.

Time to retire kiddo!

Was said...

One, I think you'll find it was OUR budget that was passed thank you very much.

And two, one little inconvenient fact that they like to hide from their fan boys is that the local Tories ALL voted to keep Labour in power in Reading for another year.