Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Banana - the Atheists' Nightmare

Whilst it's no Screenwipe, You Have Been Watching still has to be one of the better shows on the box right now with probably the best description of a Tory I've heard for quite a while:

"Boggle-eyed, slapheaded, unpleasant, revolting, heartless, shit-for-brains, attention-grabbing, foetid excuse for a prick."

Had to use my V+ box to rewind and relisten several times! Who says satire is dead?


Anonymous said...

Boredom is setting in Was. Take a break..

Anonymous said...

TV - what's TV?

Anonymous said...

Today by election:
Saxilby, West Lindsey (Gainsborough) a Con gain from Lib Dem. Con vote was 61% +20, LD 34% -20, UKIP 5% no change (the resigning councillor had defected to the Conservatives on the understanding that she resign and fight a by-election as the Conservative candidate).

ummm Was, now put this in your pipe ans smoke it!

Was said...

Now now children. Please desist from your willy-waggling competitions. It's not big and it's not clever.

Anonymous said...

I like it is sure growing up!