Monday, 3 August 2009

The Stuff of Nightmares!

For some reason (!) I fell asleep on the sofa on Saturday with BBC Four on and was woken at 2.30am by a programme about Prog Rock. It was enough to give anyone nightmares. Did Sid Vicious die in vain? Oh..., hang on a minute, yes he did!

Wind forward a day and I'm having a quiet beer in the Nag's Head and the background CD from Hell is playing: Genesis, Yes, arrgghhh! Can you demand Tamiflu for accidental exposure to Prog Rock two days in a row?

Later they swapped it for an eighties CD which wasn't much better, but it did have one of my least favourite Cure tracks, Caterpillar Girl, which against the opposition became my favourite track of the night.

I am going to have to listen to 'The Top' again. I think I might have been a little unfair to it.


Anonymous said...

So what's a nighmare....?

Was said...

1) Being next to a horse?
2) Some idiot can't spell?
The power of the edit option to the rescue!