Thursday, 24 September 2009

Party Time

An abscence of posting can only mean one thing... it was party conference season and in between a ropey wi-fi in my hotel and £75 for a connection at the Bournemouth International Centre I think it was fairly reasonable for a holiday from blogging. I thought that whatever time I had on line was far better used handling casework emails.

I got lucky last year as my specialist subject came up at my first conference. No such luck this time, so this year I left it in the capable hands of Gareth Epps, Daisy Benson and Neal Brown to wave the Reading flag and get up and speak in debates.

After getting back to Reading I've been catching up on the various commentators and bloggers reports on our conference and they have by and large been so wide of the mark, you wonder if they are American service personnel.

The time when the only reason for party members to go to conference, in Vince Cable's words, was to give the leader a damn good kicking are over. We all know what we have to do and are fully behind Nick and Vince. We may have our disagreements, but we don't lie about them in public like the other parties do.

Since that's how they operate, it is only expected that others parties will try to make hay of the fact that Liberal Democrats are adults who can debate and argue the points and then once that is done and dusted get on with the job of sorting out Brown's broken Britain.

We are the only major party where it is the members who decide policy, not slimy tax-avoiding grey suits leading a bunch of sheep who'd happily vote for a donkey with a blue rosette on its arse. Where the idea of party discipline is to hide the true thoughts and feelings of party members behind a tissue thin facade of lies and false promises. One Tory candidate in Reading thinks his local group leader is completely useless. Bet you won't find that on his election leaflets.

There is a big clue in how our party operates badly hidden in our party's name... the Democrats bit. There is also a massive clue as to how the Tories operate and treat the electorate hidden in their name... Con-servative. When I was at Poly, there was a joke about the Socialist Workers' Party in that they were neither workers or socialist. The same is true of Labour they no longer represent labour, instead they have proved themselves to be the party of bankers and management consultants and look where that has got us.

I had a great conference, then I went back to my constituency and prepared for tea.


Anonymous said...

Well we had 4 main policy announcements from the Lib Dems:

- Vince Cable produced the anti-London tax. For houses over 1,000,000 - has he never been to or heard of London? An absolute gift to Labour and the Tories in London, but opposed by a number of Lim Dems.

- Then we had some senior Lib Dem saying we should have tea with the Taliban. Why not extend it to the al-Qa'ida, IRA etc? After all surely it is racist to have tea with one organisation but not another? Again opposed by a number of Lib Dems.

- We of course had Chris Huhne saying (or in the end not saying) that William Hague was a skinhead, but not saying we should have tea with him. What should we do with him?

- Dropping the policy of dropping tuition fees, then not dropping it, then dropping it, then it's not being ruled out. Once again a gift to any Labour or Tory in a University town.

So at the end of it we know what Lib Dems support, what they don't support and that they support not supporting what apparently they support.

Was said...

00:04 My sister lives in London. She and her husband have well paid jobs. Their flat is fairly big by local standards and comes nowhere near to being £1m in value. The average house price in London is £375,582. The tax would and would be seen to target those with wealth.

Once you start living in the real world like the rest of us, you will realise that our £10,000 tax threshold will mean that 4m people will no longer pay tax.

Or would than mnot leave enough for the Tories to redistribute low paid families taxes to their rich friends.

And we did have tea with the IRA and look what happened in Northern Ireland. You do not make peace with your friends.

I wouldn't like tea with William Hague, so I am happy for the party to contimue with this policy.

Since both Tories and Labour are FOR tuition fees, I don't see how that is a "gift". And the policy hasn't changed, we are still against them. We will drop them and would do it immediately if Labour hadn't screwed up the economy so badly which Vince will lhave to sort out first.

09:16 [Deleted]
I have changed my policy about allowing comments on this blog. Anonymous comments if they veer towards the libellous or defamatory will be deleted.

I will happily leave "signed" comments alone.

Anonymous said...

Whats up Warren

Can't take it when it flows back in your direction for once.

Was said...

I can take anything that flows back in my direction when it comes to politics, but this is my blog and if people want to post anonymous and libellous comments, they can sling their hook.

If a certain Tory councillor won't stop spreading his slanderous crap in public houses, then he will be referred to the standards board.

And I promise if anyone has the courage of their convictions to use their real name here, comments will not be edited or deleted.

Anonymous said...

Yes good idea, lets have it all out in the press.

Can't wait for you to report this mistery councillor to the Standards Board.

Bring it on.

Was said...

Anonymous 11:03

I think you've proved my point. Coward.