Sunday, 6 September 2009

Screen Wipe

I think by now most people know how much I hate the Gruaniad. The trouble is one of their writers, local boy Charlie Brooker, is probably the best media commentator in Britain today. His Screenwipe episode on the news is probably one of the best attacks on the 24 hour news culture ever made.

So thank goodness for RSS feeds, I don't have to sully my favourites with a link to their website!

This is right on the button yet again. Charie Brooker on James Murdoch

It sounds like the local Standards Board is going to be very busy between now and the next election with assorted Tory skunks and Labour rats competing with each other to tell tales to teacher. Should be a good spectator sport for the rest of us!

Peter Jones' "Malcolm Tucker" impression is legendary, but I wonder if this means that Mr. Willis will have to behave himself for a change! Shame!!!

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I am not surprised. The media is in dying need of a major change. since the stock market crash in the 20s, the major media companies have all be owned by the same people/person. we should expect crazy actions on their behalf, and be surprised when the rightous and truthful things are released.