Friday, 11 September 2009

Stationary Traffic

I suppose I have to careful what I say here, but it would appear that the deputy leader of the council does have a slight problem when it comes to facts when they get in the way of his arguments.

This is the man who threw a wobbler when I suggested an inner zone for the buses because short hop travel was too expensive and the man who told a full council meeting incorrectly (to much braying agreement from the Tories it has to be said) that mini-cabs in bus lanes were illegal. They are not. I had a response from the DfT that they are perfectly legal with the right traffic orders and in operation in many towns and cities in the UK... and in fact in operation down the Kings Road.

Now at the Traffic Management Panel he has claimed that I backed the closure of Station Hill to bus traffic. This is a lie. My position at board meetings, in public meetings and to the council officers responsible for highways has been loud and consistent.

For the record: A premier route interchange that is distributed around the station or away from it is not a transport interchange worthy of that name.



Anonymous said...

Gee - I'm sure it's profound, but what does it actually mean (for the record)?

Do you wonder that ordinary members of the public give up on polticians when they read this stuff. Interchange whatsits or what, Was?

Was said...

Anonymous. Are you saying that you think the ordinary public is dumb?

Please don't judge everyone else's intelligence relative to your own.

If you are having difficulty get yourself 'The Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary (I Can Read It All by Myself Beginner Books)'