Thursday, 15 October 2009

Milk and Alcohol

Reading Borough Council and Reading Buses have announced the end to their great experiment of fleecing the council tax payer for political purposes.

This was a poorly thought out election gimmick by the local Labour party settled upon in 2007 to get a green scheme up and running for the 2008 local elections. I was told this over a year ago by someone who at the time of the decision was a Labour Party insider.

It wasn't cheap. Reading Borough Council paid about a £50,000 premium per bus and over £200,000 for the refuelling depot. Labour didn't even have the decency to declare it on their election expenses.

To see Tony Page, a former Chair of Reading Buses, non-Executive director at the time of the decision and a cabinet member bleat he knew nothing and was completely in the dark really does beggar belief. Is he incompetent or simply refusing to give us the full story?

The supreme irony is that it was Labour's fuel taxes that killed it.


howard thomas said...

So at £50,000 per bus X 14 plus £200,000 for the fuel tank, it would appear that RBC have wasted the best part of a million pounds on trying to be 'green'

Green has another meaning of course, when referring to someone without experience but full of incompetance!

digitaltoast said...

See also: for a laugh!