Saturday, 3 October 2009

Pension Potty

The fruits of having an amateur in charge of their fiscal policy is beginning to come home to roost for the Tories. The nasty party still relies on hiding behind their public veneer as any conversation with their activists quickly reveals.

"Vote for Cameron. He's not Gordon Brown!" only has a certain reach and as we get closer to the election, they are having to reveal more of their manifesto and on this evidence there is not much sawdust between George Osbourne's ears.

The latest plans from their financial genius (sic) involves asking people reaching the age of 65 to hand over £8,000 for "guaranteed" long term health care.

This idea really does expose the fundamental problem with the Conservatives. They are fully geared to give to those who already have, paid for from those who have very little.

There are a major problems with the Tories' big announcement.

This is effectively a tax on retirement. It is why for decades the backbone of our welfare system has been to bank entitlements throughout one's working life as it's the time you are most likely to be able to afford to pay, ready for the times when you cannot. Duh!

Unless you already have a few shekels to rub together, this £8,000 is most likely to come out of a lump sum taken on retirement. £8,000 on current figures reduces your income from an annuity by £45 per month. Maybe not much to a Tory voter, but a hell of a lot if you are a pensioner with a meagre top up pension.

Then of course, we can see from Tory Wokingham exactly what they view as being long term health care provision as they slash services to the legal minimum.

And in terms of the real cost of health care, £8,000 is pissing in the wind. Research by Saga has revealed that the average cost of a four-year stay in a care home is currently £112,312. So who is actually going to pay to top up this guaranteed insurance for the well healed? Yep, the lower end tax payer who already shoulders an uneven burden.

Gordon Brown's legacy will be as the person who finally destroyed the pensions of millions of citizens but the Tories look to continue exactly where they left off and cannot be trusted.

There needs to be an honest debate about pensions and long term care funding, but Tory fag packet policies are not the way forward.


Anonymous said...

You poor little lib dim, are you still whinging about the Tories? Seems to me your envy is getting the better of you
I'll tell you what why don't you change your party colours to dim puckie GREEN and YELLOW. This colour new colour mix will truley reflect your parties credentials; yellow bellied envious party with nothing to add but hot air, hey what do you reckon Dim dim?

Was said...

An interesting (sic) contribution from the local Tories yet again.

Go away you small boys.

Anonymous said...

You say the Tories are the nasty party, but you continue to post all the time about how evil the Tories and Labour are.

Being nasty = vote loser. Labour found this out in Crewe, you will find it out sooner or later.

Was said...

Just telling it like it is.

Like most Tory posters here, you are confusing party politics and personal abuse.

Still if the Tory idea of political discourse on their opponents blogs is school-ground name calling, then I'll leave it to others to judge exactly who is being nasty here.

Anonymous said...

You Was, I am beginning to think this is all a plot ummm...naff said.

Anonymous said...

Party Politics you say? I wouldn't mind if you wrote something coherent and logical but somehow you always manage to one or both of the other parties with absolute nonensense and nasty little comments. The fact is, yours is the nasty party. In fact it's mentioned in your party policy that as a party you'll never cone into power so the best way forward is to attack the opposition at every opportunity and make a speech at every single debate, regardless of whether you've really anything useful to add to any debate.

I see your lot have dropped way down in the poles again, fat lot of good your party conference did eh?

Wake up son, it's time to pack your bags and cross the floor. Sorry I'd better take that last remark back, you've made so many enemies with your nasty attacks, none of the other parties will have you.

I often wonder why you Lib Dems exist, you achieve bugger all!

Was said...

Oh grow up.

howard thomas said...

Such bitches!!!!