Friday, 16 October 2009


The excitement over Balloon Boy doesn't say so much about his family as it does about the lack of critical faculties in the general population, the quality of science teaching and decided dearth of quality of journalism.
  • An average 6 year old weights 20Kg.
  • It would take 18m3 of helium to lift him.
  • The balloon (approximating from a cylinder and cone) could only contain about 11m3 of helium.
Conclusion the balloon with a 6 year old stowaway would have stayed firmly anchored to the ground with a suffocated kid in it. The US has the press it deserves, but the FOXification of the UK media is well underway over here given the amount of time the UK news outlets including the BBC have dedicated to this obvious hoax.

...but I think I may have found a use for that helium bottle I haven't taken back yet!

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