Friday, 18 December 2009

Abnormal Service has been Resumed

Sorry folks. November was a hectic month! Fitting in the day job, council work, football matches, the fanzine and DJing (!) was always going to end up with something going by the wayside. Unlike the local Tories I'm not in favour of "Cuts Across the Board" so this blog slipped down to the equivalent of giving Baby Bonds to millionaires' children in my list of priorities.

The 'not enough hours in a day' scenario was typified by the second issue of UTA! this season being written in one marathon 32 hour session! Given that the only break I had that day was to attend a Lib Dem Group meeting and I had to cancel sleep that night, it surely proves that I truly am an artist suffering for his art!

But with the Work / Life balance now firmly tipped back in favour of Life, the spleen vent can be fully opened again. It's not as though I've had nothing to rant about.

The Thick of It final episode was an absolute classic and I suspect that you will find that being raided for quotes... although I have a lot less to choose from if I have to leave out the swearing. On the other hand it did generated a few ideas for a follow up to the original 'In The Poop'. I'm thinking that a closed circulation limited edition may be in the offing.

I only read a few local blogs on a regular basis but in the online equivalent of viewing a Zietgeist tape before resuming normal service, I had a little refresh to see how people look at the world if they don't have Pantone 1235 tinted contact lenses. Sad to say it only confirmed why I don't bother reading them. Most are the local political equivalent of This Week. On the other hand, at least Andrew Neill knows This Week is rubbish and only watched by people too lazy to turn off after Question Time.

However, I did have one unintended fit of the giggles at a 'a rant by numbers job' mascarading as political commentary. I was shocked to find out that an evil public services union was planning to bring down a major UK business. I was looking forward to this issue being brought up at the next Local Joint Forum and it would also explain what Tony Jones has been up to recently! Then as if by magic, the name UNISON disappeared?

But then we Bloggers would be toast without Find & Replace and a fervent belief that the Google cache will wipe it away in less than an hour. But thanks to a little web page archiver, it's joined the collection... ;0)

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