Saturday, 9 January 2010

Air Brushed from History

Perhaps inspired by my previous correspondant, I've received yet more scurrilous communications suggesting that the reason David Cameron called off his staged Reading West stooge-fueled question and answer session was because he couldn't face being relegated to being only the second lead story in the local papers.

Why? My other reader suggests it is because Reading West has now finally got a credible and well liked candidate willing to stand up for people and who has a proven track record over many years as a local advocate.

So congratulations to Daisy Benson who is now the undisputed successor to Martin Salter for anyone in Reading West who wants to cast their vote for a hard working and popular local person whose party puts people first by their need not the size of their potential inheritance tax bill. Even more importantly if she says in public that she is against Post Office closures you are guarenteed that she wouldn't vote to close them and hope no-one notices.

The choice is now very simple for people in Reading West. Elect a hard working local politician who can demonstrate a real record of action helping people across the political spectrum or a Conservative who receives campaign funding from multi-millionaires, private education colleges and landed gentry.

Yet probably even more shocking, is that this reveals that I seem to have doubled my readership, so thank you both for your tweets and emails.


howard thomas said...

Well now I've just tripled your readership!
Can't help but comment on that Post Office bit. Its so interesting to hear about Post offices from a LibDem perspective. We all know about Martin Salter's habit of saying one thing and voting the other way, but bearing in mind that the Libdems are the most pro Europe of all.....How does that fit with the Post office closures being due to the directives of the EU ?

Was said...

Howard, this is the Lib Dem policy statement on Post Offices. Splitting Post Offices and Royal Mail would remove the threat of Royal Mail closing them purely to reduce overheads.

Post offices are a key part of our communities’ DNA and provide essential services for millions of
people. Labour has starved the network of investment and over 5,000 post offices have closed
since 1997. 3,500 post offices closed under the last Conservative government.
Liberal Democrats believe the post office network has a huge opportunity to develop as a shop
front for government services. We are the only party with a fully-costed investment strategy to
safeguard the network’s future. We will:
• Split the post office network from Royal Mail so they operate as two separate
• Sell 49% of the shares in Royal Mail and use the capital raised to invest directly in the
postal network, support branch modernisation, build profitable businesses and promote
new services
• Free post offices from restrictions imposed by their tied contracts with Royal Mail
• Provide Royal Mail workers with a stake in their future by splitting the remaining 51%
stake between a staff trust and the government
• Ensure that Royal Mail staff have a full opportunity to participate in the running of the
company as part owners and through a staff council
• Free Royal Mail from Treasury borrowing controls, so it can invest