Thursday, 7 January 2010

Non-Question Time

I am indebted to my reader for revealing the true reason why David Cameron chickened out of visiting Reading. Not only was he worried that the swooning of so many elderly spinsters who make up the heart and soul of the blue rinse brigade in such treacherous conditions (treachery in the Labour Party that is) would result in so many broken brittle bones that his promise that he would ring fence NHS budgets was in danger of being blown out of the water, but more concerning was that the top secret venue of his clandestine Town Centre meeting with a pre-vetted audience of wooden protuberances had been exposed.

I personally find the humour of my correspondant rather childish... but I did have a snigger!

Disappointed attendees are invited by Reading West Tories to still put their questions by visiting: or as the web site is also called "You couldn't make it up if you tried"

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