Thursday, 4 February 2010

Blogging Hell

Poor Martin Salter is unsurpisingly having problems gettng to grip with modern communcaion methods.

The self-confessed luditte has signed up for a blog on The Torygraph. I hope they pay well! After ridiculing those of us who hve been using the internet for quite some time, this has to be another of those classic Salteresque facing both ways at once moments that has characterised his career. Who next are we going to see do a dizzying about turn? The Pope handing out contraception advice?

Which brings me on to... Martin's attack on the fashion sensibilities of His Holiness (as us good Catholic boys call him). Good plan to outrage Catholics with an election coming up. Another vote winner from Labour. And I somehow don't think the Pope is going to worry about accusations of hypocricy from someone who claimed to be backing the Gurkhas campaign for justice, then with no shame whatsoever voted with his Governmnt to deny them it.

It reminds me of a Young Ones gag:

Reporter: Martin, I hear you've upset the whole congregation of Saint Josephs?.
Martin Salter: Yeah. I insulted the Pope.
Reporter: But that's just stupid. You know they're Catholic
Martin Salter: Yeah. But I didn't know that he was.

You know, I think I'm going miss him!

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