Saturday, 20 March 2010

Smear we go again

Well, I guess the niceties are over and the smearing and dirty tricks have started: spurious complaints; claiming credit for others' work and now just resorting to publishing lies and smears.

The surprise is given their attempts to paint the Tory party as the nasty party that it is Labour who are the first to crack. It'll be interesting to see if Naz and Anneliese are willing to disown their own election leaflets and back my call for a public apology to Daisy. It could go someway to restore the battered reputation that politics has if they were big enough to do so.

In an interview in the Reading East Banner, Anneleise is quoted as saying: "I don't go for trading personal insults." Daisy and I spoke to Naz only two days ago on the streets of Whitley and he seems to be genuinely nice guy and in my opinion undeserving of the Nasty Naz epithet used on another blog. I can't believe for one moment that either of them would wish to continue to be associated in any way with that sort of campaigning and condone what is a personal smear on the competancy of a popular and hard working local person like Daisy Benson. It doesn't wash with their electorate who know the truth and distancing themselves from such gutter politics would be the decent thing to do and do Anneliese, Naz and politics a lot of credit in the process.

But behind it all, do I detect a dead hand still at the tiller? Reading Banner is printed by Public Impact Communications after all.

Whoever is responsible, it would seem that the nasty cliche are still in charge of Labour's campaigning. There is a remarkable similarity to another personal attack made by Labour on the last day of the 2008 local elections when David Sutton was quoted on a leaflet as saying of me: "A man who's (sic) only contribution to public life in Reading is to publish a scandal mongering website." I can't believe that he would actually have said such a thing especially as he would have personally known at the time that I was a committee member of the Katesgrove Residents Association and it would therefore have been untrue. Whilst in relative terms at the time admittedly it was a small contribution, it was known by the Katesgrove electorate and I know that leaflet angered people who once counted themselves as his supporters the day before election day as they knew it wasn't true. The same is true now with Labour supporters, Tories and neutrals appalled by the latest efforts to smear by untruth.
To save the reputations of their candidates, maybe the person who really writes the Labour leaflets would like to make themselves known?


Anonymous said...

Pot calling kettle?

Scroll down and see your comments on the Tory website.

It would help readers to know what you are talking about, most of us haven't seen the latest 'banner'.

Was said...

I don't mind rough and tumble politcs.
I don't mind unkind words.
I don't mind biased spin.
I don't mind unfair opinions.

I do mind when it is a lie.