Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Alternative Lib Dem Web Chat

[Comment From MArkus: ]
Kirsten, a Labour candidate told me when he knocked on my door last night that Labour will still be in charge if there is a hung Council as the Lib Dems would support them. Why aren't you doing your own thing rather than let Labour use you. Surely your voters deserve better?

One, if you can tell me which ward that was, I would like to know. It is a "he" so that narrows it down a bit. It is a lie and I would like to see that Labour candidate pay the price for lying to the electorate in an attempt to get elected.

I can only think of two occasions in two years when the Lib Dems voted with Labour against the Conservatives. I can think of dozens of occasions when the Conservatives voted with Labour against the Lib Dems.

And not widely reported for some reason at the last Annual Council Meeting the Lib Dems voted to stop Labour running Reading. The Conservatives, everyone of them, voted for Reading to suffer another year of Labour. I think it is Tory voters who deserve better.

[Comment From sue: ]
Do you condone your fellow councillors creating websites 'Muckspreading' to slag off other councillors in Reading.

I did not create the web site when I was a councillor. It had been running for 18 months before that. There is a difference between satire and slagging and it was not created to slag off councillors. Muckspreading's only purpose was to poke fun and I made myself the butt of gags as well.

It was also enormously popular with members in all parties and numerous council officers; I won't name them to spare their blushes. Only yesterday at the FSB Hustings completely out of the blue (so to speak) a Tory supporter told me that she was a huge fan and very disappointed that it had stopped.

All party leaders and senior council officers knew that they could contact me in total confidence and that I would remove anything they felt anything was beyond the pale and there were about three items that fell into this category. However, instead of contacting me Richard Willis and Tim Harris preferred to report their complaints direct to the local Standards Board who threw them out.

I think the place is poorer for its mothballing, but it was unavoidable if I was to take over my current spokesperson role. I still retain the domain name and the site and who knows, it may return when I cease to be a councillor.

[Comment From Margaret: ]
Your concillors in Katesgrove - who seem not to like each other very much - have failed utterly to keep their promise of cleaning the ward up.

Odd that. We get attacked by some people for putting in numerous "trivial" items of casework and by others for not cleaning it up. Everything is reported as per our promises. If it isn't cleared up then you should ask the Labour run council why that is.

As for the drive-by slur... pretty poor effort. I shall be out on the doorstep again tonight (as I was last Sunday) urging everyone to vote for Gareth who, now that Labour have clearly dropped to third in the running, is the best placed candidate to beat Rob Wilson if Labour voters wake up and smell the coffee. The Tories know that which is why I expect more of this sort of rubbish from them.

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