Friday, 23 April 2010

Nom de plume.

So Pete Ruheman is denying that he wrote the lies in the Reading Banner printed about Daisy Benson.

Here's an internal Labour Party email that tends to suggest otherwise:

From: Roger Sym []
Sent: 02 April 2010 14:15
To: Roger Sym private
Subject: Actions from the EC Meeting on 1st April 2010

Dear EC Member

a) Election Base at 128 Oxford Road: People are needed to man it all day every day. Contact Harry Gregson on ###########.

b) Reading Manifesto: The final version will be prepared by Trish Thomas, Ben Zielinski, Andrew Dunn and Pete Ruhemann, then announced in a Press Release.

c) Robert Owen has been able to submit Nomination Papers for nine wards so far.

d) Pete Ruhemann is producing the next Reading Banner to go to the Borough Wards.

e) Members are urged to keep writing letters to the press.

f) Ben Zielinski will continue to negotiate for the use of the Unison franking machine.

g) If the General Election is announced on Tuesday,
- members are asked to go to 128 Oxford Road on Tuesday and Wednesday to help with the first 48-hour campaign.
- there will be a demonstration of support for Naz and Anneliese around 5-6pm in Reading Town Centre (details to be announced).

Best wishes

Reminder: Party members are requested to ensure that they will available to help on the next council elections day - Thursday 6th May 2010 - all day.

Roger Sym
R&DLP Secretary

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