Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Beano Annual

I'm intrigued which way Labour are going to play tonight's Annual Council. A cheery 'hello' to Labour members over the last week has been met by largely mono-syllabic responses. I don't think they have taken it well.

I am looking forward to a particularly hysterical speech from Mrs. Ruhemann. Or maybe Tony Page will oblige with one of his fact-free contributions.

It would be terrible if they walked out and spoiled Gul Khan's big day. That would be churlish. But in the spirit of inter-party co-operation I would suggest that Gul could save the council tax payers' money on the cost of the Mayor's reception by buying a big bag of lemons from Marks and Spencer for the Labour group to suck on.

If anyone thinks that the new council will be more of the same... not with the new adminstration it won't. I'll leave it as a surprise until this evening ;0)


Jonathan said...

In the spirit of austerity, can I suggest he gets his bag of lemons from Aldi or Lidl rather than Marks and Spencers. I'm sure they will find they are just as good.

Was said...

Of course, lemons are available from a selection of good merchants across the whole Reading.