Monday, 17 May 2010

Con-Dem Nation

Chris Addison hit it on the head on Have I Got News for You, the media doesn't have a clue as to how to report the coalition deal with the Tories as they continue trying to shove it into their adversarial mode of reporting.

You could see their problem show in their reporting of our Special Conference this weekend. Excitable interviews with a Labour MP outside the venue and with the revelation that former leader Charles Kennedy abstained in the MPs' vote, the press were gearing up for a scrap between the party and the leadership. How little they know about Lib Dems, ironically because they have paid so little attention to us up until now.

Labour from the moment on they realised that they'd lost the election have been getting ready to go back to their constituencies and prepare for opposition. And let's face it, there would be just as much work to do undoing Labour policies as keeping the Tories on the straight and narrow.

What appeared to have convinced the members that the negotiating team had done the best for the party and the nation was the sheer number of Lib Dem manifesto commitments that are going to be implemented.  No longer will people be able to say that Lib Dems can say what we want because we'll never get our ideas implemented. You can see a list of them here: Carl Minns Blog.

In the UK "progressive" has been used by mainly Labour party members as a convenient banner to pin their flags on after the abandonment of socialism by Tony Blair. Yet, when you query Labour Party members what they mean by progressive, they have absolutely no idea what it is! Proposing legislation just to give the Queen's something to say in her speech is not sufficient justification for calling oneself progressive as though it means anything.

So let's define it for them shall we. Progressive rock was the 70s musical musings of Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis. Prog Politics is the political equivalent and encapsulates Labour's ideology perfectly. For those who grew up guided by the punk ethic, "prog" meant bloated overblown pomposity with a tendency for the act to end up disappearing up their own backsides whilst simultaneously over doing the theatrics. Yep, with that definition Labour really can justify calling themselves a progressive party!

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