Sunday, 23 May 2010

Democracy - Labour style

Jo Lovelock speaks. Tremble all who hear her voice:

“The people of Reading did not vote for this Con/Dem coalition, do not deserve this Con/Dem coalition and I am sure will take an early opportunity to say so through the ballot box.”

What Jo conveniently forgets is that it was in 2008 through the ballot box that the people of Reading kicked her party out. What they have had since then is an administration they didn't vote for, they didn't deserve and in 2010 continued to say so through the ballot box.

It is about time that this council was run for the benefit of the residents, by parties that can count majority support rather than for the benefit of the ever dwindling Reading and District Labour Party?

1 comment:

The other Warren said...

They would never get a majority of seats if we had a fair voting system.

Of course they are so arrogant they think they ought to be in charge as a matter of right.

Its about time they tasted defeat.