Monday, 10 May 2010

Lost and Found

Just following orders...

Subject: Baggage reclaim

Roger, others, please distribute this message widely:


We have now cleared 128 Oxford Road and will be returning the keys to Mr Gupta tomorrow [Monday 10th] as promised. Harry and others with keys, please return them to me when you can.

There are still two pasting tables, four wooden dining chairs and two red folding chairs at 128, which I can release by arrangement, but please make it quick.

Other stuff Lesley and I have brought home to ** ** ****** **** includes a laptop, a brown Lee Cooper jacket Mens XL, a grey hoodie with green and black stripes, some shaving equipment, some 2,000
plastic bags and hundreds of cloth bags.

If you own any of the above or other stuff not mentioned, please get in touch: email, **** *** **** or ***** ******, or just knock on our door.

Best wishes,


I love the way the class traitors still call themselves "comrades".

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