Saturday, 1 May 2010

Rats Reboarding a Sinking Ship

Now, it's one thing to misrepresent Lib Dem policies (and we've seen a lot of that from both the Boy Dave and Bigot Brown) but it is quite another thing to publish a complete and fabricated lie in an election leaflet.

I've just seen a copy of the election special 'Abbey Matters':

Beware - Residents' parking Under Threat from Reading Tories and Liberals

What follows is a completely made up "marmite du merde" as they say in France. I guess they don't care anymore, so desperate are they to hang on that barefaced lying is all they have left and so much for the clean campaign pledge from Anneleiese. The sooner this disreputable bunch are kicked out of office the better.

I hope the Reading Labour agents have deep pockets. They are going to need them.

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