Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Squeaky Bum Time

It's "squeaky bum time" as one football manager would say!

I'm pleased that we are the only party that has given the voters a positive reason to vote for us. Both Labour and Tories have been asking people to vote for them because they are not the other lot, what could be called 'Air Freshener Politics' - the politics of voting with a peg on your nose where the message is: "Vote for us because we may stink but it is slightly less than the other lot." How patronising and trite.

It only reinforces Nick's comments at the Lib Dem Spring Conference that the Liberal Democrats are the last political party left in Britain. Labour and the Conservatives are just slick marketing organisations paid for by vested interests.

In Reading the local Labour Party has resorted to a brand new tactic in electioneering - pure barefaced lying. Truth is often stretched at election time, but this is the first time I can remember it being completely ignored and to hell with the consequences. They really don't care.

And a word of advice to Peter Ruhemann, I suggest that you seriously think of standing down rather than seek re-election next year. You will lose.

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