Wednesday, 12 May 2010

We are Liberal Democrats

Welcome to the real world. If you go to the country saying that you can form a credible Government you cannot shirk it when the chance comes. Nick Clegg would be betraying the voter if a real chance to implement Liberal Democrat policies was spurned to carry on as some kind of political awkward squad.

Labour, of course, are going to squeal like a stuck-pig. One of the more dishonest claims from them is of a majority "progressive" vote. If fails on the first test. Labour are anything but a progressive party. Labour has been a repressive and authoritarian Government and it is to their shame that local Labour politicians have tried to distance themselves from national policy whist simultaneously standing on the same platform. That is dishonest.

We saw the ridiculous situation where one of the Labour candidates was against Trident, campaigned against tuition fees and opposed the war in Iraq. She backed the 10:10 initiative whilst her colleagues in Parliament voted against it and saw not the slightest hypocrisy in her position. That's chasing power without principle.

And lets be clear. Lib Dems are not an anti-Tory party. We don't define ourselves by what we hate. Just because it is the only tactic Labour has left to scare the voter as they desert their natural supporters it doesn't mean that others are. Lib Dems are not Tory and neither are we Labour-lite, we are Liberal Democrats. The clue is in the name.

We never claimed to be a part of a progressive movement, that was Gordon Brown's shabby attempt to keep his job after being so comprehensively rejected. We were quite clear when campaigning. We are different. A Lib Dem vote was not and never was a vote to keep Gordon Brown in office.

What Labour politicians do not understand is that the liberal tradition exists in its own right. There are both Labour supporters and Tories who share some of these traditions and have chosen to stay in their own parties and argue from within, but the bottom line is that we have our own traditions and values which the majority of Labour members just don't understand.

Lib Dems oppose class-based politics. We believe in limiting state power when it has no role to play. We believe in devolving power to local levels. These are distinct matters of principle which is obviously why Labour are confused. They left their principles behind over a decade ago..

This is why, we oppose ID cards, storing DNA of innocent people and removing the right to trial by jury. It is why we believe in reducing income tax for the poor instead of doling out tax credits and our commitment to improving education outcomes for the poor and the restoration of a meritocracy. We don't have these aims because of a focus group report. It is because that's what we are.

Labour just doesn't get it. And I suspect they never will.


Paddy said...

I have always found that the stronger the initial attraction the quicker and more vicious is the fall out. Won't be any different this time and probably before the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

No but you do define yourself against what Labour is that you're not. Some of us are glad not to be in a coalition with the Lib Dems, never thought it was a coalition of the progressives as neither the Lib Dems, or the Tories - hint they're called Conservatives, are progressive.

Oranjepan said...

in that case I think the Greens may need to be told too.,-its-green.html

are you judging the book by its cover or its content?

and vice versa? the stronger the initial distaste the warmer the response once the ice melts...

me, I'm only a dumb primate and it's early in the morning, so I don't know, but could it be the outrage from all sides is maybe a touch of jealousy that the LibDem policies will be implemented, even if not in full, and that this nevertheless shows a limited strategic victory?

I guess we'll have to wait and see, after all the success of a political party is not in how much they get done, but how many of their policies fall apart or are rolled back and undone after they leave office.

Was said...

I'm still bemused that an authoritarian quasi-fascist party like Labour likes to think of itself as "progressive".

It's just a term coined by Labour supporters to describe a fuzzy wish they had for their party. Has very little to do with reality.

If Tories are 'conservative' and Liberal Democrats are 'liberal' and 'democrats', then Labour should be forced to change their name because they no longer have any legitimacy to claim to speak for the working man or woman unless they are Grauniad reading meedjia types.

Perhaps they should call themselves the We're Not Tories Even Though We Behave Like Them Party?